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Patients receiving dialysis three times weekly were selected because of this scholarly study, provided the last dialysis-related blood urea levels were measured on any day time other than Sunday. In our study population, the day of the predialysis urea level was utilized to determine whether dialysis classes were on Monday, Wednesday, and Fri or on Tuesday, Thursday, saturday and. Of 33,927 patients screened, 1862 Standard Analytical Files were used , linked by the USRDS identification amount .In fact each and every kind of plastic surgery has become very advanced and the surgeons usually do not hesitate to utilize latest machineries to get the optimum results. The more modern and advanced techniques are the Laser Liposuction, the Laser beam Lipolisis, the Chemical Fat Removal and Ultrasonic-Assisted excess fat ablation. As the technology gets upgraded with the progress of medical science, many new advanced techniques are to be uncovered in this field even now. The problem of weight problems is on the enhance and folks encountering this problem are ready to leave no rock unturned so as to get gone the overweight.