2nd Annual Global Business Intelligence Summit March 18-19.

2nd Annual Global Business Intelligence Summit March 18-19, 2009, Nassau Inn, Princeton, NJ, USA http://zithroma.com/reviews.html . Pharma & Biotech companies seeking competitive advantage are relying on BI as an innovation and decision-making driver now. Innovative strategies offer the chance for transforming insight into action, of making decisions quickly, and taking advantage of opportunities more completely. Eyeforpharma’s 2nd Annual Global Business Intelligence Summit offers you the latest industry intelligence on the areas that matter most, including: The Drug Pipeline, Emerging Marketplaces, Integration of Intelligence Functions along with exclusive tips on how to overcome the current economic downturn, The conference can look in-depth at Competitive Intelligence also, tackling issues such as the Ethics of CI, Developing a CI Lifestyle plus primary research guidance.

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