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Another initial for the laser market is Picasso Lite’s capability to use easy disposable suggestions or a low-price strippable fiber. SOURCE AMD LASERS.. AMD LASERS launches Picasso Lite soft tissue dental laser Today announced the intro of the Picasso Lite soft tissue dental laser AMD LASERS. Priced at $2,495, providing 2.5 Watts of power, and three customizable presets, Picasso Lite is the most affordable and easy-to-operate dental laser in the world. It had been designed specifically to replace the archaic use of scalpels and electro-surge in the treatment of soft tissue. With Picasso Lite, we accelerated the paradigm shift in dentistry that started with the introduction of the Picasso smooth tissue laser in ’09 2009, stated Alan Miller, President/CEO of AMD LASERS.Efficacy Encounter and Scalp Studies In the ingenol mebutate group, 42.2 percent of patients experienced complete clearance of actinic keratoses in the treated area at day 57, in comparison with 3.7 percent of patients in the placebo group . Partial clearance was observed in 63.9 percent of patients in the ingenol mebutate group, as compared with 7.4 percent of these in the placebo group . There was a median reduction of 83 percent from baseline in the amount of actinic keratoses in individuals treated with ingenol mebutate, as compared with 0 percent in those who received placebo .