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For example, in 2005 about 22 million Americans received medical care for osteoarthritis and related circumstances, 49 million for asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 17 million for diabetes, 45 million for high blood pressure, and 19 million for cardiovascular disease, relating to AHRQ. Approximately 77 % of People in america aged 65 and older had two or more chronic conditions. Just 14 % of these 18 to 34 got two or more conditions. Nine of each 10 dollars spent for health care on adults in the usa was spent to take care of persons with chronic circumstances. AHRQ, which is section of the U.S.It’s less painful Consuming an abortion pill can be far less distressing than obtaining the baby surgically removed. A woman who desires to terminate her pregnancy is already quite disturbed and a operation would only make the matters even worse on her behalf. 80 percent of the women who undergo abortion in U.S. Are stressed and nervous during the whole treatment and have to be relaxed before the abortion. 3. It’s cheap Abortion pills end up being the cheapest solution to terminate a pregnancy.