A new study online 21st February in PLoS ONE.

Strengthening of the intestinal barrier can prevent cancer in the rest of the bodyA Leaky Gut can the root of some cancers form in the rest of the body to be, a new study online 21st February in PLoS ONE, published by Thomas Jefferson University researchers suggests.It seems that the hormone – receptor guanylate cyclase C – a previously identified tumor suppressor that is in the intestine – an important role to play in strengthening the body’s intestinal barrier that isolated the world of the intestine help from the rest of the body and may keep cancer at bay.

GC-C to enable tightening of the barrier.. This independent analysis, carried out and of the Harvard Clinical Research Institute, confirmed that the safety and clinical benefits of stent extending out CYPHE presented to four years. The data suggested to four randomized controlled clinical trials, In October, difference in the incidence of thrombosis between the stent and CYPHE bare metal stents. We are operating in a global, multi-faceted approach, the clinical evidence and education to the patients and the doctors who treat them, including active, said Campbell Rogers, Chief Technology Officer, Cordis Corporation.The campaign will be co-organized by China’s AIDS the Working Committee Office Council of State, the Ministry for Health, the Ministry for Education and the Communist Youth League Center. So it will routines training and major By programs at universities. Organizers said they hope to for encourage them longer student for join China’s national HIV / AIDS campaign.. College aged Agencies started Nationwide HIV / AIDS Awareness Campaign Targeting College StudentsA number of Chinese Managers common, nationwide campaign to inform about HIV / AIDS among college students, Xinhuanet report who started toss.

All rights reserved.. Almost 80 percent of PLHIV in the year 2006 were diagnosed between the ages 20 to 39, Deputy Health Minister Wang Longde of the campaign of the campaign on the Renmin University of China Beijing. Wang said that which campaign is aimed college-aged students because they open to accept or practice new concepts, ideas and risky behavior are – when they in a greater risk of HIV. There is responsible of the whole society to help student establishing healthy way of life J (Xinhuanet.

The Senate on Tuesday wants debate on a bill to start , called the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007, permit which would be federal funding for research with cells from embryos original create of fertility treatment and eager by the patient, CQ HealthBeat reviews.