A new University of Iowa study suggests.

The periodicals suggested many of the same weight-loss strategies, but mainstream publications were as more likely to suggest eating more whole grains and protein twice, smaller portions, and low-unwanted fat foods. Counting on faith or God was recommended by 1 in 10 weight-loss tales in the African-American magazines, but in minimal weight-loss stories in the mainstream journals. Fad diets were promoted as genuine strategies in 15 % of weight-loss stories in the African-American publications, compared to just 5 % in the mainstream magazines. Fad diets, defined as diet programs that may work in the short term but often do not result in sustained adjustments, included the Dick Gregory Bahamian Diet, the South Beach Diet plan, the Hilton Head Diet plan, and the Atkins Diet plan.Professor Riboli added: ‘The good thing is that you don’t have to take a pricey test and wait age groups for the effect to assess this aspect of your wellbeing – it costs virtually nothing at all to measure your waist and hip size. Doctors and nurses can easily identify people who have to take certain guidelines to improve their health by routinely observing these measurements. Should you have a large waist, you probably need to raise the amount of exercise you do every complete day, avoid excessive alcohol consumption and improve your daily diet.