According to new study from The University of Texas MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center.

It is recommended that trials of proton APBI are irrelevant because of the modality's presumed great cost, but our data shows that this perception is false. Correcting this perpetual assumption is an important part of helping patients obtain the necessary coverage of health to take part in clinical research, said Valentina Ovalle, M.D., postdoctoral analysis fellow and principal investigator. Further, we anticipate that because costs differ proportionately across payers, the estimated Medicare reimbursement costs likely reflect relative costs to other third-party payers.Plus they create this issue where you’re not even sure what’s coming next. What has this country arrive to? I don’t sleep well during the night at this time, and I don’t believe anyone would if they acquired been what I’ve been through. • I’m shocked that is America. Because it appears like you’re in some third world country, in a gulag, like in the movie Midnight Express, where you’re absolutely simply tortured. That was the knowledge I had. Your brain goes, how do this be? This is America? NaturalNews phone calls on Amnesty International, ACLU to interveneWhat we are witnessing here is a gross violation of civil rights and human rights, not forgetting fundamental due process.