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Synthetic polymers having a high content of hydrogen could also be a building material to be potentially useful for screening, according to the report. There is always the possibility that a spacecraft can be blasted by significant doses of radiation, and we have to consider in designing the spacecraft, he said.

Potential health effects include leukemia and other cancers and degenerative tissue effects such as cataracts, heart disease, digestive diseases and respiratory diseases, according to the report.Throughout the follow-up individuals was at fall ill with higher blood levels trans – palmitoleic acid, a much lower risk of developing diabetes, is the first time about 60 percent lower risk among participants into the highest quintile which trans – palmitoleic acid layers, compared to persons the lowest quintile. – These types of observational finding needs confirmation in further observation studies and controlled studies, but the magnitude of the association is striking, said Mozaffarian, lead author of the degree. This represents an nearly three fold differences in hazard the development of diabetes in person the highest blood levels of this fatty acid.

In animal experiments, cis – palmitoleic acid protect to diabetes. .. Found In contrast to the types of industrially produced trans fatty acid at partially hardened vegetable oils which high higher risk of heart diseases related, trans – palmitoleic will be found occurring nearly exclusively to course dairy and meat trans fats, in earlier studies in previous studies been linked higher risk of developing heart disease. It has no clear biologic explanation of of the lower risk diabetes with a higher consumption of dairy products previous studies observing It is the first time palmitoleic acid the ratio of trans – palmitoleic rated diabetes risk, said Mozaffarian.