Allergan enters into agreement to acquire Oculeve Allergan plc.

Pending approvals, Allergan anticipates closing the transaction in the third quarter of 2015.. Allergan enters into agreement to acquire Oculeve Allergan plc , a leading global pharmaceutical company, and Oculeve, a development-stage medical device firm centered on developing novel remedies for dry vision disease, today announced that they have entered into an contract under which Allergan shall acquire Oculeve within an all-cash transaction. Under the conditions of the contract, Allergan will acquire Oculeve for a $125 million upfront payment and commercialization milestone obligations related to Oculeve's lead development system OD-01.On the other hand, current operations have involved the first sustained ground combat because the Vietnam War, followed by an interval of insurgent attacks that regularly maim and eliminate service personnel.8,9 Studies show considerable mental health problems in a large proportion of U.S. Soldiers and Marines returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.2,10,11 The psychosocial burden on groups of deployed military staff is less well understood as well as perhaps not comparable to that of earlier deployments, given current support conditions. Besides fear for the basic safety of their loved ones, spouses of deployed employees often face issues of maintaining a household, coping as an individual mother or father, and experiencing marital strain because of a deployment-induced separation of an uncertain period.