AMBER unveils new bone fix technology AMBER.

The discovery will change the way many consumer and industrial products are manufactured; World-first graphene-rubber sensors: Professor Jonathan Coleman and his group discovered a method of creating wearable sensors with the addition of graphene to shop-bought elastic bands which could be used in medicine, aeronautical and automotive industries, or as early caution system for cot sleep and death apnoea; Researchers discovered world-first fresh material which could revolutionise IT. The racehorse managed on with this novel implant offers returned to effective racing and the study group led by Prof Fergal O'Brien quickly are planning human trials. Novel 'in-theatre' cell based approaches to cartilage regeneration: Prof Daniel Kelly's lab have demonstrated that it’s possible to make use of cells rapidly isolated from fat found in the knee to 'engineer' cartilage grafts for joint regeneration.By using these highly immunogenic protein fragments, the vaccines possess a very much greater therapeutic impact. The addition of the new category of antigen-adjuvant proteins, based on Act-A, enables the advancement of new vaccines with extra properties extremely hard previously. For example, Advaxis offers filed a patent on a new strain of Lm vaccine that delivers two simultaneous and independent antigen-adjuvant proteins at the same time. And, Advaxis lately announced the receipt of a $210,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to aid this research.

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