AMD LASERS introduces disposable tips for teeth laser procedures AMD LASERS.

AMD LASERS’ newest offering continues a solid history offering innovative and quality laser beam products to the oral industry. As the utmost affordable lasers in the global globe, the Picasso and Picasso Lite continue being purchased in record amounts. The research and advancement we continue steadily to reinvest in our current and future products only solidifies AMD LASERS as the number one company in the globe,’ said Miller.. AMD LASERS introduces disposable tips for teeth laser procedures AMD LASERS, LLC proudly announces that effective April 1, 2010, dental practitioners now have the option of using disposable tips or a strippable dietary fiber with the number 1 selling dental care lasers in the globe – Picasso and Picasso Lite. ‘We have become excited about the most recent product announcement,’ said Alan Miller, AMD CEO and founder.’ Uniquely positioned in the industry, AMD LASERS happens to be the sole laser manufacturer offering dentists a choice of utilizing strippable dietary fiber or disposable ideas for use in dental laser procedures.Related StoriesPoint-of-care diagnostics for EbolaNew programmed-death inhibitor display assay kit for tumor research studiesBirmingham experts identify how Salmonella attacks can lead to life-threatening thrombosis ‘We're proud to offer this important international validation to our worldwide customers,’ said Niki Montgomery, 3M Food Safety global marketing supervisor. ‘It's a big milestone inside our continued effort to systematically chart the path toward in depth scientific validation.’ To learn more, visit 3M Food Safety is normally a leader of innovative solutions that help the food and beverage industries optimize the quality and safety of their items to enable consumer security.