AMGA reports significant growth in 2009 2009.

AMGA also reports that 2010 is already off to an excellent start with another 7 new members and 2,000 physicians. This continued growth brings AMGA’s total doctor representation to more than 102,000 physicians and paves just how for another 12 months of strengthening AMGA’s voice with respect to medical groups and organized systems of care. The membership development was extraordinary given the financial environment of 2009 especially, and can be attributed to a variety of elements, including AMGA’s leadership in reform initiatives that foster the creation of community-based entities accountable for comprehensive healthcare services, known as Accountable Care Agencies .The study found that chronic pain suffers who do not look for treatment have a tendency to be younger men whose pain has less effect on their usual activities. Other experts included Emmeline Watkins, Ph.D., from the Section of Epidemiology at AstraZeneca, and Peter Wollan, Ph.D., from Olmsted INFIRMARY, and Joseph Melton, M.D., from Mayo Clinic. The analysis was backed by a grant from AstraZeneca. A peer-review journal, Mayo Clinic Proceedings publishes first reviews and articles coping with scientific and laboratory medicine, clinical research, basic technology research and scientific epidemiology. Mayo Clinic Proceedings can be published monthly by Mayo Base for Medical Education and Study within its dedication to the medical education of physicians.