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‘is concerned This study deals with the question whether there could be a protective effect of transcatheter closure on neurocognitive results by avoiding to address the need for cardiopulmonary bypass in a large population of children,’Owens. ‘One possible explanation for the decline of new neurocognitive results of three years with transcatheter closure avoiding the need for cardiopulmonary bypass is. ‘.

Although cardiopulmonary bypass is a widely used, low-risk method for children in cardiac surgery, is increasingly recognized that it is linked to neurological complications such as stroke, seizures or neurodevelopmental disorders. This is an important concern, especially for children, whose brains. Still evolving The exact mechanisms behind this are unclear, but cardiopulmonary bypass can have ‘deleterious neurological effects ‘on children, Owens said.

Our opinionnvasive procedure safe alternative for the treatment of children with congenital heart defects, a less invasive procedure for the treatment of congenital heart disease in children is a safe alternative to traditional surgery with no five-year difference in risk of death and a 62 % associated with lower risk of neurological events , according to a study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions of.

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