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In general, those who are even more mentally energetic or maintain a dynamic cognitive way of life throughout their lives are in lower risk. The suggestions of a ‘brain reserve’ or ‘cognitive reserve’ have already been suggested to describe this, but were a black box basically. This extensive analysis throws some light on what may be occurring at the biological level, said Associate Professor Michael J. Valenzuela, a brain aging expert at the Mind and Brain Research Institute, University of Sydney, Australia, who led this fresh study. Researchers used data from the Cognitive Function and Ageing Research, a big population-based study in the United Kingdom that has been following over 13,000 elderly people prospectively since 1991.It offers innovative solutions for the therapeutic treatment of persistent diseases with unmet medical need and opens up attractive markets for all of us. Our traders, the MIG Fonds, experienced already recognised this potential four years ago. In this manner they assured us of early and substantial funding, which has contributed decisively to the quick and successful improvement of our development projects’. Strategy with Success The 1st successes of the business technique came in October 2008 when GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals obtained the licence to the rights to the Alzheimer’s vaccines in a milestone cope with a value as high as EUR 430 million. Two payments totalling EUR 32.5 million possess already been triggered.