Dean of the UM Medical School.

Lights, Chairman of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences and director of the Kellogg Eye Center, ‘This project has expanded the Eye Center, so that we serve a rapidly growing and aging patient population and expand the critical mass of scientists necessary promote promote research on sight conservation goal.. Clinics provide space for educating patients and comfortable waiting areas designed to support patient flow. Research have open promote cooperation and encourage collaboration and flexibility grow research projects.

The Brehm Tower at W. Kellogg Eye Center Complex includes 230,000 square meters of eight stories and makes a striking addition to the skyline of the medical campus. It is existing existing Kellogg Eye Center research tower on Wall Street in Ann Arbor in 1985.Feet To reliable information on the foot and ankle of Service, or an found and ankle surgeon in which area, go to. The American College of foot Ankle surgeon is professional party of more than 6,000 foot and ankle surgeons Established in at 1942, is the college ‘s mission to promoting research and offer further training for the foot and ankle surgical specialty, and the general public about healthy feet and conditions of of foot and ankle through its consumer web site educating.

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