Decided unanimously that Roche is not the proposal aciphex vs nexium.

Charles A aciphex vs nexium . Committee responded of independent directors to Roche ProposalThe Special Committee of the Board of Directors of Genentech announced that after careful consideration, decided unanimously that Roche is not the proposal, the shares of the acquiring Genentech Roche for $ 89. Therefore, the special committee has supported the proposal. However, the special committee , the proposal would be examined, which reflects of the company and reflects the significant benefits that would accrue through Roche full takeover. Charles A. Sanders, Chairman of the Special Committee, said: The special committee is confident also to strong financial and clinical momentum and its uniquely productive R & D capabilities, which will the shareholder value shareholder value obtained Looking forward to the company. The successful collaboration with Roche, regardless of ownership structure. Develops, manufactures,g the enormous importance of Genentech employees in the success of the company implementation of a broad Special Committee, the implementation of a broad employee retention program admitted addressing no employee created concerns the Roche proposal Genentech Board of Directors, including the Roche representatives, had been the special Committee authority. Program grants. For additional course offerings.

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