Dr Brian Patterson.

Dr Brian Patterson, chairman of the BMA in Northern Ireland, said’The public means clear about the impact of cuts in public sector funding and fears of increased waiting times and service cuts affected that business measures must be taken Northern Ireland’s Northern Ireland’s health service in this difficult economic climate.

‘ – Acting CMS administrator Kerry Weems said the site families can help in the search for a nursing home, but it ‘is not a substitute for actually visiting ‘a home (USA Today.. Reaction Some nursing home officials criticized the rating system and said that with government controls provides a distorted image of home care because the controls focus largely on problems, according USA Today. Morrisette Morrisette, president of the Virginia Health Care Association, said: There is no provision in the survey process to note areas in which nursing homes are guaranteed a great job. . In addition, said Joe Donchess, director of Louisiana Nursing Home Association, a shortage of nurses and low Medicaid make payments of about $ 115 per patient day it is difficult for houses workers to workers to a high score achieved on the rankings .

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