Effective beginning August 15.

The H5N2 stress of the avian flu virus offers contaminated birds in 21 says so far, and N.C. Officials are wary of the chance of its spread with their own state, which is the nation’s fourth-biggest producer of chickens raised for meat and the third-largest turkey producer. The poultry market in North Carolina is worth $18 billion, according to State Veterinarian Doug Meckes, who made a decision to enact the ban. In an interview, Meckes was quoted as stating: There’s a substantial likelihood that it will come to North Carolina. It’s a substantial threat to our market.Lauren Haar, Xiaoping Ren, Yong Liu, Min Jiang, Sheryl Koch, Michael Tranter, Jack Rubinstein and W.K. Jones of the University of Cincinnati , Cincinnati, OH, conducted the study. Ms. Haar, a doctoral applicant, will present the team’s results in a poster demonstration entitled, Acute high excess fat feeding influences cardiac function and confers cardio security against ischemic injury, at the conference Experimental Biology 2011 .