Hans-Richard Arntz.

The results were comparable to those of the primary analysis . This is in part a rsulting consequence the administration of the thrombolytic agent just by the cellular ICU, without participation of crisis department personnel. Other response intervals were shorter than in previous reports also. The brief response intervals may describe the known reality that, despite the fact that patients with a successful response to initial defibrillation were excluded, our hospital-discharge rate was two to five times as high as that in various other studies that focused on patients with cardiac arrest and that experienced similar inclusion criteria.18-21,27-29 The surprisingly high overall survival rate may possess contributed to the shortcoming to demonstrate an additional survival advantage for tenecteplase, since the scope for improvement with any new strategy is bound if existing therapy is unusually successful .This leaves many specs of pin prick dots at the donor zone, which is wider than the liner scar in case of FUT. Now nobody wants the visible marks and signs on the head as much as they need the hair, quite obviously the FUE procedure may be the first choice of seeking individuals for obvious reasons, being the more intense strategy of the linear scar and the morbidity issue of the strip excision rather a turn off. However, however, the FUT does require a thinner donor scar in comparison with the wider area of thinned area with the FUE method as a matter of known fact. With several additional benefits such as larger number of locks grafts of highest quality could be grafted.