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It provides low dangers and few side effects and results are typically seen within a short time; however, treatment times are dependent upon how severe imbalances are within the physical body. Acupressure Acupressure runs on the less invasive approach utilizing the same diagnostic equipment and factors but omits needles through the use of pressure through massage. It is typically done making use of your fingers, knuckles, elbows and even vibrators; that assist to stimulate blood flow in a more intensive manner. Acupressure could also be used by patients in-between acupuncture appointments for continuous stimulation. Using vibrators on acupressure points By using a small bullet style vibrator or massager, one can enhance the quantity of stimulation that they receive during acupressure.Berwick, M.D., simply because administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Solutions . ‘Dr. Berwick’s leadership over the course of his career to improve health care quality and the positive effect his work has already established on patients makes him the perfect person to lead CMS,’ said ASHP Executive and CEO Vice President Henri R. Manasse, Jr., Ph.D., Sc.D. In a letter to Senator Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.