It is found in the cells of breasts and other cells.

6 Tips to Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer BRCA1 is a human being tumor suppressor gene that produces a protein called breast cancer type 1 susceptibility protein. It is found in the cells of breasts and other cells, where it helps fix damaged DNA and ruin cells when DNA cannot be repaired ed pills en EspaƱa . If BRCA1 itself is damaged, the damaged DNA can keep the cell without duplicating turn and control into cancer. Most breast tumors grow under the influence of estrogen that permeate the mammary gland. However, the quantity of these hormones is usually innate partly, partly because of our behavior.

Dr Wilde said people could try to change unhealthy aspects of their lives also with out a genetic test, however the findings suggest that having test results accessible may act as a robust motivator for change. In general, Australians are very interested in knowing their genetic susceptibility to mental disease. This is reflected in the survey result, with those questioned far more more likely to support genetic tests completed by their doctor than those undertaken through internet-based direct-to-consumer services , Dr Wilde said. Funding for this scholarly study was provided by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. Mass media contacts: Dr Alex Wilde, 02 9382 8511 or 0409 607 125; Steve Offner UNSW Media, 02 9385 8107 or 0424 580 208 Wilde et al 2011 Journal of Affective Disorders Wilde et al 2011 Psychological Medicine..