It is not a screening device and is not for non pigmented lesions.

It is not a screening device and is not for non – pigmented lesions, lesions that are clinically confirmed as melanomas, or lesions on special anatomical sites, as indicated acral, mucosal, or subungual. – imager is used to detect lesion images.

By 50 percent.Survive less than 15 percent of patients with stage IV melanoma for five or more years – the majority will die within 6-10 months. Effective treatment of melanoma depends largely on early diagnosis. If the melanoma of the epidermis , the cure rate is limited by surgical removal of nearly 100 percent.. MelaFind is a tool for the evaluation of clinically atypical cutaneous lesions pigmeted when a dermatologist for additional data before it wants to to exclude a final decision to biopsy gather melanoma. Said that says that MelaFind is a non – invasive and objective multi-spectral computer system as a tool for dermatologists in the detection of early, melanoma designed to to help.HHS agencies continues with governmental agencies and regional net working to monitor the Red River. HHS teams and equipment be prepared to support the state with both healthcare and human service requirements, if desired.

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