Khaitovich explained that produce evolutionary studies of the human brain often murky.

Of all the developmental changes specific for the human brain, – – synaptogenesis – clearly stood out Khaitovich explained that synaptogenesis, which is the basis of learning and memory in the developing brain characterized by the formation of synaptic connections, strengthening useful compounds, and also elimination of useless links.. Khaitovich explained that produce evolutionary studies of the human brain often murky, but the results of this approach performed even better than expected, it points to a certain postnatal development process.

His questions his questions, Khaitovich and an international team of researchers used microarray and RNA sequencing to changes in in how the genes are examined, read, or expressed, in the development of the postnatal brain humans, chimpanzees and macaques, a distantly related primates. And the timing of these changes, human cognitive development from other primates set.

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