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Temple and ADA University team up to improve teeth’s health in underserved communities The American Oral Association has signed an agreement with Temple University to teach new dental associates as part of a pilot program to boost the teeth’s health in underserved communities. THE CITY ORAL HEALTH Coordinator is a member of the oral health team who works in communities where citizens have limited access to dental care to improve their oral health.These are the conclusions of a thesis offered at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The extensive analysis group has analysed specimens from numerous breast tumours, both from sufferers that died from the disease and from individuals surviving at least 10 years from diagnosis. The levels of expression of 51 genes differed between the two groups. It must be possible to use the differences in order to classify the individuals into one of two groups: a favourable prognosis group and an unhealthy prognosis group. ‘Many breast cancer individuals are currently overtreated, while some are undertreated. If it had been possible to identify individuals with poor prognosis, it will be possible to use greater treatment resources on these patients. At the same time, sufferers with a favourable prognosis could avoid unnecessary treatment’, says Elin Karlsson who effectively defended her thesis on June 5.