One way to classify lipsticks is to categorize them in terms of lip coverage.

I recently did a review on Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers that had consistency and color coverage akin to conventional lipsticks. For more delicate and natural searching lips, Eco Tints work great. I classify tints as one level above lip glosses in its capability to offer color to lips, with lipsticks coming to the far end of the level as providing the most coverage. There are various who don’t like to where make-up at all, but if they were to select one thing to use, tints and lip glosses may possibly be the least more likely to compromise one’s moral stance against the usage of cosmetics as a musical instrument in the objectification of women.A peptide called magainin, found in the skin of the African clawed frog, holds the secret to creating bacteria-killing surfaces A peptide called magainin, first within the skin of the African clawed frog, holds the trick to creating bacteria-killing surfaces, according to experts at the University of Pennsylvania. The Penn researchers have taken a joint experimental-computational approach to mimicking magainin.