Regular exercise combined with good nutrition helps maintain a healthy body weight.

Cortisol is associated with a rise in harmful stomach fat. Excess body fat leads to dangerous conditions like heart diabetes and disease. Reducing the amount of stress with physical activity is a good way to improve health. The mind-body connection that comes from these forms of exercise has been proven to greatly help improve mental clarity, memory, and an overall sense of tranquility and well-being. By focusing on breathing and form, one can perform the different positions and moves efficiently. This produces greater results. Apart from the physical benefits, having a healthy, match body promotes a feeling of confidence. Feeling good about oneself can employ a strong affect on their entire lifestyle. Those who are comfy with their appearance tend to be active and also have more fulfilling experiences in their life.‘This ‘globalization of Wellness solidarity from Below’ is normally a counter balance to the increasing wellness in equalities because of corporate led globalization of health from above’. The Symposium will become highlight the successes and failures of PHC in the last 30 years, examine the threats and issues to the PHC approach, and discuss how they might be combated. Specialists will acknowledge the tensions between disease specific programmes and PHC methods and seek solutions as to how they might be addressed. Several School staff have got contributed to the Alma-Ata special problem of the Lancet.