Robert Gillies.

Advanced MRI can evaluate cellular proliferation of tumor types of breast cancer non-invasively Scientists in the University of Arizona Tumor Middle and the Moffitt Tumor Center, led by Dr. Robert Gillies, have demonstrated that an advanced magnetic resonance imaging method can non-invasively measure the cellular proliferation of tumor models of breast malignancy More information here . This quantitative imaging method evaluates the diffusion of drinking water in tumor cells, which correlates with the development rates of the tumor versions. The results, in the November 2012 problem of Experimental Biology and Medication which appear, can contribute to the development of new tumor versions for cancer study.

‘The tighter brand-new USP necessity created the need for a broader providing of osmolality regular solutions, particularly in the 200 to 1000 mOsm/kg range where most of the pharmaceutical, parenteral and IV medication products are developed,’ says Kelly Peterson, Product Manager. ‘Pharmaceutical customers were coming to us and requesting if we could provide these solutions. With our position as the industry leader in osmometry, we experienced an obligation to deliver these products to your customers,’ Peterson said. ‘These brand-new levels complement the current AI offering of osmolality requirements. Customers have regular solutions now that are available to become fully compliant with USP commercially General Chapter <785>.’..