Study executed by the Institute of Child Care Research at Queens School of Sociology.

Of these who had used cocaine, only one in ten utilized it on a every week basis. This means that that although some teenagers have experimented with the medication, few continue to use it regularly. While cocaine has just recently emerged on to the Northern Ireland drug picture, this study shows that it could be making its way in to the adolescent drug picture quite quickly. It indicates that the profile of cocaine users could be changing also.Dankner stated, Paintball injuries can be as devastating to youthful, fragile eye as a high-quickness baseball. In my opinion, the fun playing paintball does not justify the potential vision-threatening risks of the dangerous sport. Based on the Academy, sports attention injuries are the leading reason behind blindness in children. Any parent who includes a child participating in sporting activities, including paintball battle games, should first go to an eye care professional to have the youngster fitted with the correct protective eyewear. Game partipants should also be instructed to create a time-out guideline by yelling don’t shoot or something similar if they need to take away the protecting eyewear for cleaning. The American Academy of Ophthalmology may be the world’s largest association of eyesight physicians and surgeons – – Eyesight M.D.s – – with more than 27,000 people.