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This is how Loss of Libido, insufficient sexual energy etc can be conveniently treated with nitric oxide supplementation. Pain Relief – Nitric Oxide supplementation can offer long-term rest from the pain connected with arthritis and joint inflammation. It is because it activates the anti-inflammatory mechanism within the body cells, and helps in reducing inflammation. Increases Muscle Mass – Nitric Oxide supplements widen the blood stations that lead to skeletal muscles, allowing for better blood circulation and a rise in the lean muscle mass. With a rise in blood movement, the amount of nutrients available for the muscle tissue is more, which again contributes toward increasing their size. Better Intra-cellular Communication – Nitric Oxide improves the process of communication between numerous cells in your body, like the nerve and the mind cells.0 software and arrays for linkage analysis.16,17 The genomic DNA from Participant II-4 in Family 1 was put through four runs in an Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx . We utilized BWA software program18 and SAMtools sequence-alignment mapping19 with the default settings for alignment and variation detection against the individual reference genome . Analysis of COQ2 and Other Genes Associated with Coenzyme Q10 Based on linkage analysis and whole-genome sequencing, we sequenced COQ2 and the other 11 genes mixed up in biosynthetic pathway for coenzyme Q10 , using the Sanger method .