The authorsBrown and Prof.

The authorsBrown and Prof. Dennis Discher of the University of Pennsylvania, tell us how they have developed a theoretical model and carried out experiments on stem cells, a mechanism for the recently discovered sensitivity of stem cell differentiation to the rigidity of their surroundings suggest.

– If we accelerate our efforts to bring the big questions in breast cancer then the NBCF funding should be on a larger scale, want to address long-term projects, she said.. ‘The priorities for research includes the discovery of new biomarkers women, for whom the predictors of early and advanced breast cancer and the development of a diagnostic technology, early detection and diagnosis of advanced breast cancer in the clinic is, ‘he said. UQ researcher in the only other $ 5,000 grant from the NBCF are awarded, the new approaches to the treatment of women, for whom available therapies offer little hope taking investigated, and women who develop resistance to treatment involved.

National Breast Cancer Foundation CEO Ms Sue Murray said this was the first time the level of funding had been committed to breast cancer research.The primary objective these this study is to determine if RVX-208 an increase in plasma ApoA – l layers compared to placebo be producing after three months of therapy. The secondary objectives are and tolerability of and tolerability of RVX-208, being positioned time and response relationships for An ApoA -I the over time as to check keys key reverse cholesterol manufacturers as alpha 1 HDL.

To the Company’s knowledge RVX-208 is the only novel small molecule was specially developed to increase ApoA-I production of and by to increase HDL hence an improvement HDL function to Extend the reverse cholesterol transport . RCT is one way is carried at the accumulated cholesterol from of the arterial wall into the liver for excretion, thereby preventing atherosclerosis.

‘The onset of ASSERT be an important milestone in that Resverlogix is this year reached Our clinical trials have so far very encouraging results in for our lead medicament is RVX-208, used to treat arteriosclerosis produced There are a gap. Into therapy, can recede atherosclerosis. The current standard of care is statin therapy, the foregoing only to stop arteriosclerosis out , but in almost all cases, can be remove it. Can in If RVX – 208 is provided able to achieve this objective it would be an important step for reduction of disease risk and lower health care costs.