The NFCR and prostate Cancer Foundation each provided $ 100.

The NFCR and prostate Cancer Foundation each provided $ 100,000 for the project . Seed financing, as the grants these two foundations, curing cancer. In implementing innovative projects not well developed, to be competitive for NIH or other government funding.

We know that our organizations work together on these projects for future research for future research initiatives and cooperation .. Dimensionalate Cancer Foundation unite to speed with Burnham Institute cancer drug discoverydimensional culture tumor microenvironment simulate, allow rapid test of drug candidates-The National Foundation for Cancer Research has aligned with The Prostate Cancer Foundation to $ 200,000 in seed financing of NCI-designated Cancer the Burnham Institute grant to the Center three-dimensional experimental culture systems that develop a tumor micro-environment to simulate.The investigators reasoned that the action of B. – lymphocyte depletion was be imparted and further investigation of this compound led them first a pilot case series, and then an double-blind, According to the authors placebo – controlled phase II trial with 30 CFS, and to that temporarily down treatment rituximab significant, but in general, improvement of CFS symptoms was bound.

According to the authors, ‘the deceleration of clinical reactions after the initial and speed W -cell depletion suggests to us to CFS / ME that out of by of an infection may have a form to the autoimmune disease, are important for B cells ‘ ‘. It shows the trial a potential new direction of to CFS research.. Treatment with chemotherapy. Lymphocyte depletion using the antibody CD20 antibodies Rituximab in chronic fatigue syndromechronic fatigue may be relieved by the anti -cancer drug Rituximab , suggesting that source of the disease in the immune may lie, to a recent study publishes at the online journal PLoS ONE Document. The uncertainty about the cause of CFS the is characterized by extreme, unexplained fatigue , characterized among other symptoms discussions discussions , but the authors of the study find found that you may the answer is.