The study included 303 patients with esophageal cancer with chemotherapy.

‘In addition, there were no differences in perioperative complications or mortality associated with BMI., Our data demonstrate a link between BMI and surgical results failed.. The study included 303 patients with esophageal cancer with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, stratified by their BMI were treated those with BMI less than 25 to more than 35 belong. The only demographic differences were observed in sex. With a higher proportion of men in the 25 to 30 – BMI group – ‘Our study , no significant differences in overall survival or disease-free survival in relation to BMI in patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma who underwent surgery after prior treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy shown,’said Meredith.

‘the correlation of obesity with surgical risks and postoperative survival is more important , given the rising obesity, more clarity about possible correlation needs , ‘said Meredith, ‘said Meredith. ‘The literature shows mixed results of the study ‘.Q: What can I if I am not able to function or do my usual stuff at work and school as a result of I anxiety disorder?

Answer: Anxiety disorders unbelievable incredible, and when they want interfere with the the daily operation is your best bet is to real seek professional help. Most effective treatment is the is not drugs of anxiety disorders , cognitive behavioral therapy, and in the in – lot of therapists doing this kind of treating.