The true numbers are tiny.

9/11 Rescue Workers’ Cancer Link Probed Researchers tell you a small amount of young police officers who participated in the Globe Trade Middle rescue and cleanup operation have developed an disease fighting capability cancer. The true numbers are tiny, and experts don’t know whether there is normally any link between your illnesses and poisons released through the disaster . But doctors who coordinated the study, mon in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine published, said people who worked at the site should continue steadily to have their health monitored.

Patients given THC were found to take longer to recuperate from surgical anesthesia and felt woozier after they did. THC individuals also tended to invest additional time in the recovery ward after medical operation. Psychological side effects were unpredictable in both quantity and quality in the THC group, the researchers said. On the plus side, those given THC tended to require less pain medicine, the investigators noted. Nausea is a common concern following medical operation. Because standard drugs don’t fully get rid of the risk, researchers have set about looking for potential alternatives.