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LA Times: Internet site Working For Most Users, Officials State Web pages on the website load in under a second now, october down from 8 seconds in late. The machine now operates a lot more than 90 percent of that time period. In October For a few weeks, the website was up for only 40 percent of that time period. And the average rate of time-outs or various other Web-page failures on the webpage has dropped to around three-quarters of a %. It was as high as 6 percent in October .WORK showcases future technology and improvements in deep learning software program USA Today: White Home Announces Met Restoration Goals ‘The bottom line is health on December first is night and day from where it was October first,’ said Jeffrey Zients, the president's appointee to repair the site's problems.Out of this study, we see that folks delay or don’t seek treatment for onychomycosis. However, left untreated nail fungal infection won’t go away and may become worse, painful, or spread to other nails, stated Warren Joseph, DPM, going to podiatrist at the Veterans Affairs INFIRMARY in Coatesville, Pennsylvania and an expert in lower extremity infectious diseases. Upon noticing changes in nail color or thickness, people should visit a physician and have for treatment – – only prescription medication is which can effectively treat onychomycosis.