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Vitamin C isn’t only interesting component in its right, it is a key component of the magic component of bovine collagen also. Collagen is normally created by one individual through the entire body and helps keep our younger sleek and epidermis. Collagen is a complex protein made up of about 25 percent of the protein and have separate tissues together. Unfortunately, it destroys down as the entire years pass and the effect is facial lines, groves and canyons on the low collagen becomes hard rather than flexible, so our epidermis is not a business limited and sleek.Variables that were significant at a P worth of 0. Statistical analyses were conducted with the use of SAS software, version 9.2 . Outcomes Epidemiologic Features We identified 13 case patients; june 15 the date of the culture of the incident wound ranged from May 28 to, 2011 . The median age of the case individuals was 48 years ; 6 patients were male . All case patients were taken to triage at an individual hospital in Joplin originally, but 3 were transferred immediately to other facilities without receiving any care at this site. The full case sufferers were hospitalized at some of six hospitals, and 10 needed admission to the intensive care unit . The median amount of tornado-related wounds was 5 ; 11 patients had one or more fractures, 9 got blunt trauma, and 5 experienced penetrating trauma.