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Since mid-April Gesine employees have worked with the complete IBS solution in the central purchasing, sales, accounting, inventory and returns management. Incorporated in the installation and and IBS Integrator is the leading automated applications, data and business processes across departments and enterprises. Against this background also IBS Gesine application additional additional interfaces to systems from other leading vendors. Sectoral ‘At the beginning we did a market research and thoroughly investigated, which IT systems have been used by others,’Thomas Madetzki, Distribution Center Manager and officer says at Gesine. ‘Therefore, the decision was in favor of IBS Pharma only logical, because we wanted to implement either a cumbersome in-house development, nor set with limitations on transaction volumes.

Results showed a separation of 78 percent after 360 minutes of exposure to 100 microamps of DC currents, and a 31 percent removal after the reception of the block 100 microamperes flows. The bacteria remaining on the surface was found to be only 2 to 3 percent viable after treatment. ‘We have a method by which bacterial biofilms stimulated from surgical stainless steel by use of a small electrical current to the connection between the biofilm and the conductive separate solve can be described,’the researchers say. ‘This in combination with conventional in combination with conventional pin site care for the prevention and treatment of infections by applying the current between a circular electrode around the pin and the pin itself placed.’..Researchers IPMC sensor test the datas compared compared these results for the various the forces exerted with those of traditional measurement technology obtained. Its analysis of the tests shows percent accuracy. IPMC sensor should be with one high and one low impact calibrates prior to the test a performing Athlet. However, the spike and slope the voltage measurement with a IPMC resulting readily in impact force transferred transferred within a 10 percent accuracy.

Products: ‘ionic polymeric metallic composites as portable A crash sensor for Sport Science ‘International Journal of field of biomechatronics and Biomedical Robotics 2013.

Be on Journal of of biomechatronics and Biomedical Robotics, Kean Aw and colleagues in the department of mechanical engineering at University of Auckland, explains how new materials, as ionic polymeric aware metallic composites , one electrical stream when compressed. These materials are be flexibly, lightweight and durable and can thus in the transmissible sensor means possible sport scientists monitor directly crash forces without fault the performance of the athletes are ready.

As athletes for excellence, sports scientists seek to use any technological advance, help you need achieve this.