Whats the 411 on medical marijuana?

It summed up the scientific info supporting the use of marijuana to take care of four conditions: Poor hunger/vomiting. There’s ‘abundant’ analysis to support the use of THC as an appetite stimulant and an antiemetic . ‘Studies of chemo-therapy sufferers with nausea and vomiting found THC to be comparative or superior to other antiemetics,’ the authors of the paper wrote. ‘THC and various other cannabinoids may offer alleviation not found in other drugs.’ Glaucoma. ‘Cannabinoids have already been shown to have neuroprotective properties and to reduce interocular pressure, a risk aspect for glaucoma, a blinding eye disorder potentially. However, the consequences are short-resided, and there is normally concern that long-term usage of marijuana could decrease blood flow to the optic nerve.Heterogeneity of the procedure impact across subgroups was assessed by including conditions for interactions between treatment and subgroup variables in expanded Cox models. Outcomes of subgroup analyses ought to be interpreted with caution because there was no adjustment made for the type I error for the amount of subgroups examined, and the statistical power was limited for subgroup analyses. We compared the two study groups for adjustments in the CD4+ count from study access through follow-up using longitudinal combined models with random intercepts.