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ADA commends the U.S. Senate because of its bipartisan action on August 5 to reauthorize the nation’s crucial child nutrition programs. The legislation includes many ADA plan priorities, such as provisions that set up professional qualifications for college nutrition directors; expand nourishment standards to all or any foods sold in colleges; strengthen nourishment education in child diet programs; increase meal reimbursement rates for meals meeting specific nutrition criteria; and bolster nutrition assistance for child care companies.On Friday, President Obama regarded the researchers and researchers and praised their efforts. ‘Nowadays today, we shouldn’t ignore then, in the midst of killing and conflict, there are people like these,’ the president stated, ‘those who are focused on what can be built, rather than what can be destroyed, people who are centered on how they can help people that they’ve never met, individuals who define themselves not really by what makes them not the same as other folks but by the humanity that we hold in common.