Plant Management Systems

Managers of big plants have only one goal in mind and that is to make sure that everything is running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible on a day-to-day basis. Being a leader of a manufacturing plant entails a lot of responsibilities which is why it is very fortunate that the best IT companies in the country have come up with solutions called plant management system.

What is this system?

This is a real-time application system that is used for monitoring and controlling different functions for any large industrial process. The main purpose of having a management system is to unify or bring together the different individual process controls of each subsystem in a plant. This way, managers or leaders of manufacturing plants can oversee and control each department with just one click of a button. This system enables online and centralized automation asset management thereby increasing the overall productivity and ultimately, increasing sales and profit.

What are the benefits of having an effective system?

Successful organizations are those that are run by leaders who have perfect control over all the functions of the company. Having an automated plant management system which allows the manager to see and manage all the centre less grinding groups working under him in just one glance will help him to troubleshoot problems and create better solutions for the company.

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Plant Management systems can give manufacturing companies the following advantages

- Optimised production because of a high level of control from the management

- Minimize expenses on energy consumption

- Easy and real time tracking of potential equipment failure

- Optimised operation for each individual station or subsystem in the plant

- Enhanced productivity

- Provides easy monitoring and reporting tools

- Online access to all equipment

- Helps prevent down time for operators and maintenance personnel

- Reduces maintenance cost

Studies show that the maintenance team in a plant spends about 35 of their time at work doing routine checks plus another 28 of their working hours responding to problem situations only to find out that there is no problem there in the first place. Visiting each subsystem in a plant requires the maintenance team a lot of travel time which can ultimately be costly and will lessen overall productivity.

Having an automated plant system enables the management to monitor field health devices and process interface conditions through on an online platform. This eliminates unnecessary trips meant for maintenance and decreases the need for breakdown as well as preventive maintenance.

Who provides the best software for Plant Management in the country?

Many large industries in the country rely on AJB Hightech Ltd. This company considers themselves specialists when it comes to providing automation solutions for industrial plants and processes. In addition to that they also cater to commercial buildings, fire and security systems and testing and balancing a full range of building services. With their mission to provide the highest quality system for plant management to their clients, they help ensure continued success for the entire company.